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According to CE standards

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Milling machine Roto-Tiger 3200 electric


Milling machine Roto-Tiger 3200 gasoline


Roto-Tiger 3200 Electric and  Gasoline

Environment-friendly and in accordance with the required profile. With connection for vacuum system. With EMERGENCY-OFF safety switch

Procedure: Rasping and milling wheels, loosely placed on a rotating work drum, for thorough yet gentle rasping and milling of adhesive, rubber, concrete slurry, roughness and old coatings. Strong, solid welded-steel construction designed for robust use Power transfer using toothed belts.

Field of application:
Removal of thermoplastic floor coverings and markings
Abrasion of old floorings
Milling of defective castings
Roughening of concrete surfaces
Surface milling of asphalt
Removal of road and track markings
Cleaning and establishing an anti-slip surface
Removal of coatings

RT-2500-EL with 400 V / 50Hz electric motor with milling drum and HMT-8.55/20 milling wheels for particularly heavy duty applications. Extremely wear resistant. For roughening, abrading, leveling as well as grooving of concrete, stone and asphalt surfaces. With Diesel motor upon request!

Technical Data

 RT 3200-EL-400 VRT-3200-B
Output400V / 5.5 kW / 50Hz8 PS
Weight170 Kg165 Kg
Working width320 mm320 mm