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TSR-3,5 Star wheel

Roto-Star RS-165

Paint and adhesive milling machine for smaller areas.

Rasping and milling wheels, loosely placed on a rotating work drum,
gentle rasping and milling of adhesive, rubber and old coatings. Strong, solid welded steel construction designed for robust use. Depth achieved and contact pressure of the rasping wheels and milling wheels can be precisely adjusted with the rotary disk.

Removal of adhesive residues, light roughening of concrete areas.
Removal of epoxy resin and paint, Removal of glue residues on the surface

Basic version includes TSR-3.5 star wheels made of solid carbide for easy removal of dirt, cement and adhesive residues, paint layers and plastic coatings, carpet.

Environment-friendly and in accordance with the required profile
With EMERGENCY-OFF safety switch

Technical Data:
Working width                     165 mm
Weight                                 35 Kg
Motor                                  Electric motor 230 V, 1,1 KW, 50 Hz
RPM                                   1400 RPM
Voltage                               230V / 50Hz
Output                                1100 W