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Internal Page: Roto-Mat 400

Milling Machine Roto-Mat RM-400



Drum with 90 cutters

Roto-Mat RM-400

Milling Machine for Asphalt and Concrete:

Aggregate exposure
Lippage removal
Concrete corrections
Removal of multilayer coatings in one pass
Leveling of concrete surfaces
Roughening and grooving concrete and asphalt
Repair of critical highway points
Wet or dry grinding

The rotating steel drum generates centrifugal force thus throwing the tungsten-pointed, heat treated steel cutter at the surface to be prepared or corrected. Adjustable vibrationlow handle height for the operators comfort. Connected with a powerful vacuum unit, an almost dustless operation can be created.

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Technical Data

Motor15'000 Watt
Working Width400 mm
Weight580 kg
Number of cutters90 pcs
Diameter of shafts30 mm
Diameter of cutters100 mm