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Edge Milling Machine RF-90



Milling wheel  HMT-6.46



Edge Milling Machine RF-90 in use

Edge Milling Machine RF-90

For milling, roughening rasping, removing and renovating of concrete and ashpalt floors.

Easy to work with and gives you no back pain due to the upright position.Especially suited for corners and edges.Including Formula 1 fast changing system of the drums on both sides. Can be used on wet and dry surfaces.

Technical Data:
Working width             90mm
Motor                          Electric motor 230V / 50 Hz / 1,5 KW
Weigth                         60Kg

With connection for vaccuum system and "EMERGENCY-OFF" safety switch.

Basic version:
Machine with one drum including milling wheels HMT-6.46. 1st qulity milling wheel with 6 solid carbide tips suited for very hard tasks.

On the edge there are milling wheels HMT-6.46D with 12 solid carbide tips.