Production: Swiss development and production, certified to quality and environmental guidelines

According to CE standards

Zoom: Airtec - Boden-Schleifer BS-800


Zoom: airtec_bs-800_betonschleifer_anwendung-f0a6e.jpg

Technical data

Power11 kW
Voltage400 Volt / 60Hz
Weight400 kg
Working width800 mm

Planetary Floor Grinder with diamond segments for resurfacing concrete and asphalt surfaces

Field of application:
Removal of adhesive residues
Grinding of Anhydrite
Smoothing of surfaces
Removing of coatings
Fine milling and polishing of concrete floors
Dry and wet grinding possible
Removing grooves and milling tracks


Robust steel design
Wet and dry diamond grinding
Low noise Level
Easy to operate
Perfect balance
Easy Click quick tool changing system

Basic version:
Floor grinder with electric Motor 440 V. Two water tanks. Complete with nine diamond grinding segments