Production: Swiss development and production, certified to quality and environmental guidelines

According to CE standards

Zoom: Airtec - Boden-Schleifer BS-270

Floor Grinder BS-270-EL

Floor Grinder with diamond segments for resurfacing concrete and asphalt surfaces.

Field of application: agressive to fine milling. Removal of coatings. Removal of paint or adhesive residues on concrete floors.

Technical Data
Power            2,2 kW
Voltage          230V/50Hz or 400V/50Hz
Weight           65 Kg
RPM              1500 UPM    Option: Speed Regulation

Model with 230V: Lighter version for smaller areas
Model with 400V: More powerful for larger areas

Basic Version: Floor grinding machine with electro Motor 230V or 400V. Complete with six  diamond grinding segments or diamond discs.