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Jet-Rotary-637 EL Handsanierungsfräse

Easy manual milling with suction hood and suction adapter including
rotating milling head and milling wheel.

Field of application:
Roughening, Abrasion, Sanding, Leveling, Removal of paint, dirt, adhesive, foam residues and plastic coverings

Basic Version:
Manual renovation milling tool (electric drive Flex) including milling head
and solid carbide metal milling wheels TSR-3.5 (for removing dirt, cement and adhesive residues, color paints and plastic coatings, carpet and adhesive remains)

Technical Data

Power1500 Watt
Voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Weight7 Kg
Milling width150 mm
Rotation speed800 - 2400 R/p/Min
Recommended speed2000 R/p/Min