Our production principles

The company places GREAT VALUE on team spirit

Through many years of experience and constant contact with end-users, the company has developed a product line of special machines for dust-free, environmentally-friendly and economical surface preparation. The goal is to always provide the customer with the best solution. From the small RS-165 Roto-Star scarifier to the heavy duty RR-300 asphalt and concrete milling machine, all machines work on the principle with a rotating milling drum equipped with tungsten carbide or steel milling cutters. to treat virtually all floors and coatings.

The main fields of application include: cleaning of concrete and asphalt, as well as roughening of concrete and ashpalt surfaces as a pretreatment for coatings. Profile definition for smooth concrete floors (e.g. in cattle sheds), material removal for stone and concrete with carbide tools, removal of adhesives, foam, felt, etc.

Construction and design of the AIRTEC - machines

AIRTEC milling machines are equipped with micro depth control and quick lift-off fixture for the work drums. The working depth of the cutters and milling wheels can be easily set to FINE – MEDIUM – COARSE so that the correct, coating-friendly profile can always be achieved. The milling cutters are made from carbide or steel and offer maximum impact strength and are wear resistant.
A selection of powerful electric, gasoline and diesel engines are available for these machines. Low-dust, environmentally-friendly operation is guaranteed for all machines in association with industrial vacuums. AIRTEC machines are also very user-friendly and easy to service. Edge milling machines are available for corner areas.
As an addition to the restoration program, there is even a series of powerful manual tools such as chipping and needle hammers, manual surface cleaners, concrete crack milling machines, rotating grinding milling machines with diamond disks.

Certified safety

Tested safety for safe and convenient operation is ensured. The CE norms are applied and also the sound level and vibration measurements of the Suva, Switzerland are within very favorable ranges.
The AIRTEC company has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1995 and to SN EN ISO 9001 : 2008 since 2007 as a further proof of quality. ISO (International Organization for Standardization) stands for safety, quality, progress, development, team spirit, innovation, satisfied customers, learning from mistakes, setting and reaching goals, all-round service, etc.

ISO Certificate

The certification gives us the possibility to improve activities and projects, thus increasing the recognition of products and services. It is the best method of confirming our size and the value of the company.