The AIRTEC company was started in 1974 by Mr. René Max Wyser from Tenniken in the Basel region. In the beginning, pneumatic operated tools were produced by simple means and increasingly exported worldwide.


The company expanded step-by-step and moved its headquarters from the Tenniken location to Niederdorf. A variety of pneumatic operated tools continued to be produced there until these premises also became too small and a suitable facturey was established in Diegten.

Finally there was sufficient space to start expand production on a larger scale. As well as air operated tools, AIRTEC then launched its new versatile range of electric, and gas powered scarifying machines.
Milling machines such as the RT-200, RT-320, JR-637 or RC-500 completed the range. As the demand increased globally, the facilities became to small again.


AIRTEC AG then purchased the new location on the Industriestrasse 40, CH-4455 Zunzgen in 1992. This is still our headquarters

Today we are proud to export our machines and tools in over 40 countries worldwide.

 AIRTEC Headquarters


Industriestrasse 40 | CH-4455 Zunzgen/BL
Phone+41 (0)61 976 9525 | Fax +41 (0)61 976 9526